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CVAC – Chicago Vocal Arts Consortium, exists to facilitate a supportive community and subsidize continuing education and training for Chicago singing artists. 

CVAC was founded to alleviate the challenges that many singers face immediately after leaving school: losing access to university resources, beginning student loan repayment, and working non-music jobs to make ends meet can make it almost impossible to find the time and money to continue training, auditioning, and performing.

By pooling the resources of local singers, CVAC offers discounted acting, dance, and performance classes as well as a comprehensive website and newsletter to keep singers up to date on upcoming auditions, performances, and networking opportunities in the Chicago area.

CVAC Membership

CVAC Members receive a number of benefits from the organization including:

  • A bi-weekly audition list for Chicago opera, choral, theatre, and film opportunities 

  • 20% off all CVAC classes 

  • Opportunity to participate in all larger workshops, including Sing-Thrus and the Opera Workshop

  • Exclusive discounts from local opera and theatre companies

  • Referrals for last minute gigs

Membership is $70 annually and can be purchased in our web store. Email us with any questions!

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