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Group Coachings and Classes

With our Group Coaching model, singers can coach with

expert vocal coaches at a fraction of the regular cost.

Previously scheduled Group Coachings have ranged

from single classes with a general theme (French mélodie, Italianate Mozart) to two-part classes taking place on two consecutive Saturdays. 

Collaborating coaches include:

Nyela Basney

Dana Brown

Elizabeth Bryne

Jason Carlson

Paul Hamilton

James Janssen

Shannon McGinnis

Elizabeth Parker
Dan Stetzel

Michael Sylvester 

Our Group Coaching model has also been adapted for Group Classes such as Alexander Technique, Stage Combat, and Baroque Dance.

Previous classes have included:

Introduction to Stage Combat with Maureen Yasko 

Monologue Coaching with George Cederquist

Ornamentation - Baroque to Bel Canto with Elizabeth Parker

Alexander Technique with Jeremy Cohn

Russian Lyric Diction with Karina Kontorovitch

Stage Makeup with Natalee Cooney

Czech Lyric Diction with Kristyna Gočová  

Baroque Dance with Sarah Edgar

Dance Call Crash Course with Jane Lanier

Acting for the Opera Stage with Susan Payne-O'Brien



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