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Intended to supplement a resume's Roles Prepared section, CVAC's Sing Thrus are an economical way to coach full roles in musical context. 


 • Sing-Thrus operate on a 3- to 4-week timeline, beginning with a full musical run of the piece, followed by individual and ensemble coachings, a dress rehearsal, and one public performance in concert. Some pieces may include additional topical workshops (e.g. Singspiel dialogue, Bel Canto recitative).


 • Roles are single cast, with the potential for covers who attend rehearsals and work with the coach, but do not sing the runs except in case of emergency. Covers are generally available for $100. 


 • To apply, singers submit a resume, link to a recent recording, and contact information from a current (or recent) vocal coach or voice teacher via the SurveyMonkey links provided. A link to the recommendation form will be sent by CVAC to the recommender upon submission of the application. 


 • All participants must hold a current CVAC membership.


​ • Coaching fees vary according to the size of each role, principal cast or cover, and the number of hours spent in coaching and performance.

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