Summer Opera Workshop

A response to pay-to-sing summer programs, CVAC's Summer Opera Workshops are produced at-cost and are opportunities to prepare and stage a full role, as well as explore and apply a specific acting style. 

The program runs 6-8 weeks, beginning with individual and ensemble coachings, followed by acting workshops and staging rehearsals. All rehearsals take place during weekday evenings, daytime Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons. 

Applications for our 2020 Summer Opera Workshop of Mozart's Così fan tutte are live at the links below. For more information about the Opera Workshop, including relevant dates and costs, see this Information Sheet

2019 – Handel's Alcina

Stage Director: Sarah Edgar

Music Director: Beth Parker

Alcina was staged with Baroque Gesture and Movement based on based on the gestural acting/oratorical technique of the 17th and 18th centuries. 


2018 – Mozart's La finta giardiniera 


Stage Director: Rose Freeman

Conductor: Alexandra Enyart

Vocal Coach: Elizabeth Parker

Language Coach: Roberta Terchi-Nocentini 

Finta was staged in the style of Neo-Commedia,

a contemporary application of commedia dell'arte principles and archetypes.

2017 – Adamo's Little Women 


Stage Director: Rose Freeman

Conductor: Catherine O'Shaughnessy

Vocal Coach: Elizabeth Parker

Little Women was staged in the style of Chicago realism, utilizing Bogart's and Landau's Viewpoints methodology.