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Summer Opera Workshop

A response to pay-to-sing summer programs, CVAC's Summer Opera Workshops are produced at-cost and are opportunities to prepare and stage a full role, as well as explore and apply a specific acting style. 

The program runs 6-8 weeks, beginning with individual and ensemble coachings, followed by acting workshops and staging rehearsals. All rehearsals take place during weekday evenings, daytime Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons. 

2019 – Handel's Alcina

Stage Director: Sarah Edgar

Music Director: Beth Parker

Alcina was staged with Baroque Gesture and Movement based on based on the gestural acting/oratorical technique of the 17th and 18th centuries. 


2018 – Mozart's La finta giardiniera 


Stage Director: Rose Freeman

Conductor: Alexandra Enyart

Vocal Coach: Elizabeth Parker

Language Coach: Roberta Terchi-Nocentini 

Finta was staged in the style of Neo-Commedia,

a contemporary application of commedia dell'arte principles and archetypes.

2017 – Adamo's Little Women 


Stage Director: Rose Freeman

Conductor: Catherine O'Shaughnessy

Vocal Coach: Elizabeth Parker

Little Women was staged in the style of Chicago realism, utilizing Bogart's and Landau's Viewpoints methodology.

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